Spatial Metadata: Roads of the World

Dataset identification
Title: Roads of the World
Date: 1997-09-01
  • Organisation:FAO - UN SDRN
Data content of the dataset
Theme: Roads Infrastructures
Abstract:Roads of the world extracted from Vector Map Level 0 and converted to Arc/Info format by FAO/GIS. Vector Map (VMap) Level 0 is an updated and improved version Digital Chart of the World (DCW).
Purpose:The thematic agriculture aggregation dataset is part of the Multipurpose Africover Database for the Environmental Resources (MADE) which was produced by the Africover Project to establish a digital georeferenced database on land cover at a 1:200,000 scale (1:100,000 for small countries and specific areas), and a geographic referential for the whole of Africa.
Lineage: The data structure is originally Vector Product Format (VPF) to US Military Standard (MIL-STD-2407) which is compliant with the international standard, Digital Geographic Information Exchange Standard (DIGEST) Annex C. The VMap Level 0 feature and attribute content is defined in the US Military Specification for VMap Level 0(MIL-V-89039).
Geographic area name: World
Geographic extent
  • Bounding Box:
    North bound:
    South bound:
    West bound:
    East bound:
Temporal extent:
Spatial data structure of the dataset
Spatial data type (Format): ESRI Shapefile
Spatial reference of the dataset
Geographic coordinate system: WGS 1984
Availability and distribution of the dataset
Organisation: FAO - UN SDRN
Distribution media: Online
Distribution format: ESRI Shapefile, Digital map (in vector or shapefile)
Contact person: John Latham

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