Spatial Metadata: Slope of Sub-Saharan Africa

Dataset identification
Title: Slope of Sub-Saharan Africa
Date: 2001-05-01
Data content of the dataset and Geographic Extent
Theme: Political and administrative boundaries.
Abstract:Derived from the Global Agro-Ecological Zones Study, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Land and Water Development Division (AGL) with the collaboration of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), 2000. Two sources of geo-referenced terrain slopes were available for use in the Global AEZ assessment: (i) terrain slopes indicated in the mapping unit expansion tables of the respective soil maps, and (ii) terrain slopes derived from GTOPO30 data (EROS Data Center, 1998). The latter terrain-slope database was established at IIASA using a rule-based algorithm to calculate slope distributions in terms of seven slope classes per 5 minute grid-cell of the DSMW soil data based on neighborhood relationships among grid-cells in the 30 arc-second GTOPO30 database. Slopes derived from the 30 arc-second DEM were allocated to soil units occurring within individual soil associations.
Purpose: Slopes derived from the 30 arc-second DEM were allocated to soil units occurring within individual soil associations. This involved five steps: (i) Determination of slope classes for each 30 arc-second grid-cell of GTOPO30. Results are grouped in the following seven classes: 0-2%, 2-5%, 5-8%, 8-16%, 16-30%, 30-45% and > 45%; (ii) Aggregation of the results respectively to 5 minute latitude/longitude DSMW grid-cells, and to individual soil association map units resulting in a slope class distribution for each grid-cell and map unit; (iii) Defining ?priority? classes of soil unit/slope relationships; (iv) Establishing for each soil association consistent rankings of slopes/soil units; (v) Allocation of individual soil units within a particular soil association map unit to 5 min grid-cells of the DSMW, according to calculated slope distributions.
Geographic area name: Sub-Sahara Africa
Geographic extent
  • Bounding Box:
    North bound:
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Temporal extent:
Spatial data structure of the dataset
Spatial data type (Format): ESRI Shapefile
Spatial reference of the dataset
Geographic coordinate system: WGS 1984
Availability and distribution of the dataset
Distribution media: Online
Distribution format: ESRI Shapefile, Digital map (in vector or Raster)
Contact person: Christopher Auricht

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