Spatial Metadata: Inland water bodies of Africa

Dataset identification
Title: Inland water bodies of Africa
Data content of the dataset
Theme: Hydrology: Rivers
Abstract:Shapefile of inland water bodies in Africa. This dataset originates from the Digital Chart of the World 1:1000000, 1998. The waterbodies for Africa have been characterized (as lake, lagoon, reservoir etc.) and named (if the names were easily available). The data layer presented contains all the waterbodies that had a name and were not characterized as river.
Lineage: The dataset has been published in the framework of the AQUASTAT - programme of the Land and Water Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, as part of FAO Land and Water Digital Media Series #13: "Atlas of Water Resources and Irrigation in Africa".
Geographic area name: Africa
Geographic extent
  • Bounding Box:
    North bound:
    South bound:
    West bound:
    East bound:
Temporal extent:
Spatial data structure of the dataset
Spatial data type (Format): ESRI Shapefile
Spatial reference of the dataset
Geographic coordinate system: WGS 1984
Availability and distribution of the dataset
Organisation: FAO - UN
Distribution media: Online
Distribution format: ESRI Shapefile, Digital map (in vector or shapefile)

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