Spatial Metadata: Africa Irrigation Figures

Dataset identification
Title: Africa Irrigation Figures
Date: 2006-10-04
Data content of the dataset
Theme: Hydrology; Rivers
Abstract: Georeferenced country statistics of irrigation for the African continent.
Lineage: This dataset supplements the text of the report, "Irrigation in Africa in figures: AQUASTAT Survey - 2005" which can be downloaded at the website listed below. The report resembled the previous report "Irrigation in Africa in figures" (FAO, 1995), which allows comparison with the earlier data. The interest of this new survey lies both in the updating of data and in the trends in the last ten years.
Geographic area name: Africa
Geographic extent
  • Bounding Box:
    North bound:
    South bound:
    West bound:
    East bound:
Temporal extent:
Spatial data structure of the dataset
Spatial data type (Format): ESRI Shapefile
Spatial reference of the dataset
Geographic coordinate system: WGS 1984
Availability and distribution of the dataset
Organisation: FAO - UN
Distribution media: Online
Distribution format: ESRI Shapefile, Digital map (in vector or shapefile)

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