Spatial Metadata: Irrigation for cropping pattern zones in Africa

Dataset identification
Title: Irrigation for cropping pattern zones in Africa
Data content of the dataset
Theme: Crop production; Irrigation
Abstract: Irrigation cropping pattern zones in Africa which are considered to be homogeneous with respect to crop calendar and cropping intensity.
Lineage: The delineation of the irrigation cropping pattern zones was done by compiling information of various types: distribution of irrigated crops, average rainfall trends and patterns, topographic gradients, presence of large river valleys (Nile, Niger, Senegal), presence of extensive wetlands (the Sudd in Sudan), population pressure, technological differences and crop calendar above and below the equator.
Geographic area name: Africa
Geographic extent
  • Bounding Box:
    North bound:
    South bound:
    West bound:
    East bound:
Temporal extent:
Spatial data structure of the dataset
Spatial data type (Format): ESRI Shapefile
Spatial reference of the dataset
Geographic coordinate system: WGS 1984
Availability and distribution of the dataset
Organisation: FAO - UN
Distribution media: Online
Distribution format: ESRI Shapefile, Digital map (in vector or shapefile)

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